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Three Japanese DJs, Taiki Ozawa, DIVE2 and Ken Sekiguchi created 2 tracks with the Yamaha DX7 and REASON software.


dive2 is a Japanese track maker based on Tokyo. He is a member of the DJ unit "Groove_?uest (Groove Quest)" led by Etsuo Mitsuzawa, a pioneer of Japanese club Jazz culture. He plays Techno, House, Acid Jazz, African and Electronic. He is also a member of the field recording Circle "sound Scape".                                                  



Taiki Ozawa

Taiki Ozawa is a DJ / Producer / Organizer from Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. In 2003, he debuted as a DJ of the UK Hard House, playing mainly at Shinjuku Club Complex CODE. After that, he temporarily stopped his DJ activity to begin music production. His musical curiosity continued to expand, collecting 10,000 vinyls including Tropicalismo / Brasil, Spiritual / Free Jazz, 70's Progressive Rock, Noise, Hardcore, Electronica etc., and refined the music of these various styles. In 2014, he started again as a DJ, playing at parties in various scenes mainly in Tokyo. He also started doing the outdoor rave, "Goku Raku" in Kanagawa prefecture. In2015, he expanded his scope of activities both in Tokyo and Mexico City, playing mainly around art festival events.

Furthermore, in Tokyo, he joined the Underground Dark Minimal / Industrial Techno Collective 'Hydrant'. In 2016, he began to release his music. He joined the Mexican label 'Latin Bass Mexico Record' and released some tracks on the compilation 'LBMRVol.5', becoming an official DJ of the label. In July, he dropped his 1st EP 'Ritmo de Hydra' under the Spainsh label Cicuta Netlabel. His musicality is based mainly on Techno, but he mixes elements like -Industrial-Tropical-Rave- to put together music of a dark texture. So when performs DJ/ produces, always takes experimental elements. 'Psychedelic', 'Progressive' are also important keywords. In Oct 2016, he transfered the activity base from Tokyo to Mexico City. In Nov, he released 2nd EP 'Quick EP' from Hungarian label Art Style: Techno Records. In2017, he will start art performance project 'Karmacura Estudio' with Mexican visual artist Lui Itzel.

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